Hi my dear readers,

It’s been a while since I wrote something but here I am back with new articles that I hope you’ll enjoy to read.

First of all, I would like to set the tone of this article which is quite related to my last post on street outfit n°1 and n°2 but this will be with few explanations on how I composed the outfit and perhaps a little quiz at the end of the article for those who loves fashion.

After the storm of summer’s sales, during which I have made some expenses I admit it, we are now all back from holidays and all starting a new freshly and buck up « back to school » year. I will write you later with a new post on what I bought during this summer’s sales.

But anyway, let’s see what we are interested in : the clothes !



This is an outfit which I was freshly inspired to wear this morning when I opened the shutters and I realized how cold it was outside. Surprised of such a climatique change by the end of August, I had to look at the meteo early that day and saw that it was going to be chilly so I decided to wear something that would fit this type of weather.

– A double-breasted light grey blazer with a horse pins and a white pocket square.
– A scarf with cashmere pattern in wine, olive and white tones.
– A white shirt, pure formality.
– A pant troussés mid-way between olive green and pine green.
– A pair of black double monks derbies.
– A brown cambridge satchel with brides.
– A huge umbrella with a wooden handle.
– An automatic watch with a japanese’s mouvement and a suede sand band.
All of this for back to school ..


Although it does chailly at the outside, the day was about to be beautiful and so, perfect to be dressed that way. A tiny bit covered but with some subtle openings to balance the all. Concerning the choice of colors, nothing has been more easy than that : Three neutral colors (white, grey & black), A cold color (pine green), A warm color (brown). For choses who has never figured out, a pine green pant troussés with brown is a natural composition.

Compose the style

Blazer : Click here !
Pant trouser : Click here !
Shoes : Click her !
I hope you enjoyed your reading.

See you !


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