Morning (or Night for some of you) to everyone,

I hope you haven’t missed me since the last article.

The subject I decided to treat was inspired by the beautiful Sylvaine when we were visiting a museum : the stripes !

Striped clothes are basics that we can often observe, larges or in the contrary, more subtle.

According to our own style we like to wear very thin stripes on a smart suit to work in a first han or to wear thick ones for an extravagant style depending of the context (often informal rendez-vous). Let’s take the case of our dear Sylvaine who wears a basic blue and white striped blouse with its belt, and a large black trouser with black high-heels.

By my side, I opted for a smart mix between a softly striped double-breasted suit and my excentricité side. This is in that state of mind that I shopped this nice summer striped suit. I let you have a look at it.

Advices :

Stripes are cool but always with moderation ! This is obvious that stripes’ orientation will have different impacts depending on your physical appearance and it will be simply because of optical illusions that stripes’ orientation can produce.

Horizontally : If there is a clothe which immediately comes to my mind is the « marinière » from French Bretagne. The largest the stripes are the less you will look tall and suddently you will look like you took weigh on, but if you choose for example a thiner striped top (still horizontally) you will not look this fatter. As an effect all of theses advices have to be taken knowing your own morphology.

Vertically : First thing to know about is that vertical stripes have the secret power to visually refine your body. Marvelous isn’t it ?! To get a mastered result of your shape, I recommend you to wear only stripes with a reasonable width. That way you will be good looking guaranteed.

Hope you enjoyed !


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