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I am sure I’ve missed you (admit it !), so today, as you could have read it before, I will speak a little about the velvet.

This is kind of funny because this is technically fall but choses days I have the feeling to be in winter already even if there is sometimes « hot temperature » for the season .. Well all of it to tell you that for a lot of people, velvet is back again !

Little preview of one of my looks with a pin green velvet blazer 😉


According to the dictionary, velvet is « a fabric of silk, nylon, acetate, rayon, etc., sometimes having a cottonbacking, with a thick, soft pile formed of loops of the warp threadeither cut at the outer end or left uncut. »

Now, you can explain precisely what is velvet.

However, it is fine to define it without a doubt but do you know what is wearable in velvet ?

Velvet clothes

I am about to classify the all thing with subtitles for more praticity and estheticism what do you think ?

The vest :

One of the basics of a man’s wardrobe is the velvet vest. Smoking or blazer, this is actually a very refined fabrics, which is more often weared only during christmas’s eve and the new year’s eve .. sadly ! It still is a wearable piece with a jean or a classic trousers and chino. So, gentlemen, please make an effort, this is not as hard as it seems I assure you !

The trousers :

An other great basic of men’s wardrobe : the velvet trousers. Abandoned like .. years ago because of the image of our grandpa we all got in mind, wearing a brown suede jacket, a fitted cap and his large cream velvet trousers. Now the velvet trousers has come again in our closet. Unlike other kind of trousers, this one is easier to wear than you think, demonstration !

Smoking and Tuxedo :

Obviously, the smoking in velvet while fall or winter is perfectly on point (we will préfère the velvet than the corduroy..) Why ? We are joining the same point once more : the natural shining side gives for sure a fine and elegant aspect to your outfit. It is a perfect and precise way to be dress for special occasion. However, be careful on your choice because the velvet is a difficult fabric to cut and work on so it is necessary that your smoking jacket is well made.. A few words again before some pictures, dare ware colored smoking jacket in velvet, please ! Illustration …

blinked eyefor a certain tailor based in London who you may know for the most movies lovers among us 😉

So, convinced ? I am curions to know if wear or will wear a velvet jacket, smoking jacket or trousers in the next weeks ?

See ya !!

Last one for the road 😉

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