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Greetings my dear readers,

I don’t know you but today (the day I wrote this article) I took the entire snow came from the sky in a quite hard way .. You know that bloody 30th of november when all insta’ stories of Paris were full of falling snow .. Well, know that at this time I was outside, coming back from the new collection’s party of VICTO Paris, and I finally succeed to enter the subway .. Looking like a snowman ! But anyway ..

Today, the subject is simple and well organized .. or should I say, well rolled ?

Those days, you should have seen me wearing rollnecks ? Is this a new thing ? A fantasy of mine or is it a fashion trend ?

This is a mix of all of it !

I has always been admirative about turtlenecks, but I didn’t wear any because I didn’t have any .. See, it could sounds crazy but I think I used to wait for them to fall from the sky and touch down my wardrobe directly.. in vein ! So I have decided to catch up wasted time and ordered four or them in the same week. Their colors ? Secret !

The rollneck

To me, even if I wear some since couples of weeks, it is a must-have and a classic of everyone’s closet. Opting for a turtleneck in an united color will make it even more easy to wear then it already is.

The roll-neck is a practical sweater, elegant and comfortable. Easy to wear with everything and if the composition of the roll-neck is made from wool, merinos or cashmere or why not alpaga even baby-cashmere, so your roll-neck will be highly comfortable. To finish, it’s elegant ! Well … Sometimes it could be associated to a more casual style. Demonstration !

How to wear roll-neck

1rst case : With a blazer

For the season, it’s perfect to wear a soft wool and cashmere mixed roll-neck in order to replace the usual shirt under a blazer or a jacket.

2nd case : With a jacket

More casual, this solution is easy ! No headache at the morning when you wake up and you’re about to compose the outfit of the day. Unlike with the blazer, in that case you can pull out the thick turtleneck from your closet. Main purpose is to stay warm in cold times, remember ?! Special mention for my friend Josnert Gutierrez who perfectly mastered how to wear his roll-neck with a colorful bomber 😉

3rd case : With a long wool coat

You have a little view available but quick, on my article named « ATTITUDE »

Overwise ..

You can copy those examples right there especially if you got thick turtleneck. Several styles are possibles : coordinate your coat and roll-neck’s color or put some contrast in your outfit for a better effect.

4th case : With an overshirt

I like this style in particular because I don’t see it very often. This is kind of rare actually.. Very relaxed I admit, but with the good association, the combinaison of the two gives good results.

5th case :  With a suit

For men or women who want to change a bit the classical suit&shirt then suit&roll-neck is an appropriate and a smart way to stay in the formalism and professionalism of the workwear in cold season.

Voila !

I hope you enjoyed the reading and that it could help you to make the first step to the turtleneck or take it off your closet. I’m waiting for your return and comments ! 😉

See ya !


  1. Mio

    I love turtlenecks! They always give an elegant touch to an outfit. Great post!


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