Hello my dear readers,

The subject of the day is a lovely brand I met this summer in Paris and for which I’ve been taken with one of their specialities. Let me introduce you .. MAPACHE !


I met the two persons who created the brand during the Great Market of Stalingrad in Paris which gathered in one place several artisans and handmakers from South America.. (You can have a look at the event on Facebook). I was invited by my friend, CEO of Lylyandbekah, We were discovering with pleasure and enthusiasm all the present corners : food, jewelry, leather goods, clothes and shoes .. When I suddenly saw the corner of MAPACHE.

Here are the huarache shoes I took ! I was seduced for the aspect in one hand, and for its lightness and finishes of this one in another hand.

What do you think of my shoes ?


The entreprise has been funded by two young french boys but take its roots in Mexico. This way, this interesting mix between cultures and know-how give us unique pieces with true finishes. On their online store, you could figure out that there’s every kind of style possible. They designed a women line and a unisexe one. Be sure you could be seduce (as I was) by theirs models. The unisexual products are split into two categories : the authentique, which is the ones I chose, and the classic ones that you can see ..

Indeed, there is two possible déclinaisons of the Classic : the one which is a sort of one-cut (the upper pic) and the other one which is braided starting from the lacing. Different structures for different results !

After that, the two creators and designers are proposing to ladies exclusives pieces. I saw it myself, you have to trust when I say that the women love them.. Lets see it !

To finish, for those who like to read my articles until the end, that there is some interesting sales on the website 😉

Bye bye !